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Title Insurance

A growing popularity in Ontario is now a MUST to protect your property and avoid unexpected costs and give you a future peace of mind.

What is it? How Does it Work?

First let’s talk about the definition of “Title To Property”. Title is the legal term for ownership of property. When buyers purchase property, they want “acceptable and marketable” title to the property. Before you take possession of the purchased property, your lawyer will conduct a “Title Search” to determine the previous ownership of the property. The search might reveal for example, existing mortgages, liens, outstanding taxes, utility charges, encroachments, errors in the property survey or, title fraud (someone who stolen information to have your property transferred to them). Occasionally defects are not discovered or remedied before closing. These defects can make the property less marketable. Buyers can be out-of-pocket if later are forced to remedy the defects. A defect in the title can prevent you from having “Clear Ownership” of the property.

Do You Need Title Insurance?

This is something you should discuss with your lawyer, as it depends on the circumstances of your transaction. There are 2 types of policies: 1. Owner Policies; 2. Lender Policies

  • Owner Policies: (Issued for a purchaser on new/resale homes,condos and vacation properties). Title coverage encompasses the entire property including owner’s equity.
  • Lender Policies: Protection is extended only to the mortgagee’s interest. Lenders may sometimes require title insurance as part of a condition of making the loan. Title insurance protects purchasers and/or lenders against loss of damage sustained if a claim that is covered under the terms of the policy is made.

Types of coverage:

Under title insurance includes survey irregularities, forced removal of structures, fraud, forgery, unregistered easements, right-of-way, work orders, zoning, set back non-compliance, deficiencies, etc. Of course, like any other insurance policies, certain types of risks might not be covered such as native land claims, environmental issues, and others.


Title insurance is approximately $300 and must be purchased, like your home insurance coverage at the time you buy your home. Existing home owners can also purchase title insurance. Title insurance, a one-time fee, can help ensure that a closing is not delayed due to defects in title. For more information, contact your lawyer or contact me for a recommendation.