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First Impression

A picture of dirty dishes.

First Impression...


...It's the Lasting Impression!


Seeing is believing the in the mind of potential buyers. Today, buyers are looking for “turnkey” properties. It’s crucial to have an attractive front entrance, curb appeal and elegant interiors as they all tremendously enhance the home’s perceived value.

This means more money in your pocket!


An Attrative Front Entrance...


A picture of the front entrance of a house.


And a well groomed landscaping...


A picture of a beautiful landscape.

Makes an astounding impression!


Tips on improving the exterior:

  • Clean the front entrance, shine the door hardware, and add potted flowers.
  • Clean the eaves trough, make sure downspouts drain away from foundation.


A picture of a man cleaning his eavestroughs.


  • Paint trim, shutters, front door, and fence, make all the necessary repairs.
  • Hose down driveway, sidewalk, clean your outdoor furniture.
  • Repair cracked foundation.
  • Cut grass, trim trees and shrubs.
  • Update worn rusted lights, replace damaged lighting.

And Voila!

You have created an emotional connection!
In the Buyers' minds they are thinking: "I can live here!"


Less is More!!!

Tips on improving the interior:

  • Clean, organize, discard, declutter, pack what you do not use.
  • Have a garage sale, donate what you don't need.
  • Clean out the storage areas and closets.
  • Create a bigger space by cleaning inside cupboards.
  • Remove oversized furniture.
  • Eliminate all odors such as smoke, pet, cooking.
  • Paint, neutral colors are in!
  • Create an ambiance: light the fireplace, turn on the lights, add flowers, open the drapes or blinds.


A picture of a nice living space.


In the Buyers’ minds they are In thinking: “I want to move in!"

Improvements = HUGE Returns.

Contact me... I'll show you how!