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Moving a few streets over, across town, across the country, moving can be the most stressful experiences.

If You Decide to Self-Move

Ask yourself: Do I have the manpower? Do I have the hauling capacity? Does it make economic sense? Add up all the packing material and add up all the hauling equipment needed for the move. Is it better for me do it myself or hire a professional mover? You decide!

Principles of Moving:

  1. Find a reputable moving company. Check the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  2. Ask for 3 quotes from moving companies
  3. Obtain all the terms and conditions of the move in writing
  4. Ensure you have adequate insurance protection for your goods

The Checklist

  • Notify all businesses of your move such as: Electrical Company, Water, Gas, Telephone, Cable, Internet, Credit Card Companies, Banks, Subscriptions, Friends, Family, Medical, Schools. Go to the post office and re-route your mail to your new address.
  • Get Packing Materials: boxes, tape, bubble wrap, pillows, old blankets.
  • Start Packing: Pack everything you do not need first. And pack what you need the most LAST.
  • Labelall the boxes and make an index of each box. Start packing one room at a time. Heavy items goes in small boxes, makes it easier to carry. Fragile items goes in double boxes with plenty of cushions.
  • Pack the Everyday Essentials for each person and put it in your vehicle. All jewellery, money, legal documents take them with you, in your vehicle.
  • On Moving Day: Reminders are written down on a notepad. Bring your new address with you. Movers must have clear directions to your new home. Leave your old home clean for the new owners. Stay around til the movers have finished loading. Before signing off the documents, check the inventory list and read your documents carefully.
  • Unpacking: Furniture, boxes are unloaded directly into the correct rooms. Start with kitchen and bathrooms first. It is less stressful if you pace the unpacking so it's not all done in one day.


Careful planning will reduce stress. For more informationcontact me.